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Bondi Chai Singapore

Award-winning , one of Australia’s favourite café beverages, Bondi Chai, now available in Singapore. Bondi Chai Tea Latte is a premium quality Chai Tea Latte pre-mix powder combining black tea extract and a complex blend of comfort spices’, milk, honey and sugar.
Bondi Chai is made with natural ingredients. Gluten-free & Halal certified. Nutritious with skim milk.
Bondi Chai is very versatile & can be enjoyed hot or cold as a beverage. The pre-mix powder could also be used in dessert or food recipes, eg cheesecakes, pastries, cookies, pies, ice-cream, etc, including favorite Asian recipes. Try out some of our great recipes!.

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Halal Certified


Halal Certified

Enjoy a Chai Café Experience at the comfort of your home!
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