What is Chai Latte?
It is a spiced tea-based drink made with milk. Based on India’s centuries-old ‘national drink’, chai
masala, it is a delicious blend of black tea, vanilla, honey, cinnamon, ginger and a range of ‘comfort
spices’. Bondi Chai is Australia’s most awarded chai latte.

How do you make it?
Two or three teaspoons of powder in a glass/cup of hot milk and stir. For a frappe, make with milk
and ice in a blender. Add vanilla yoghurt and/or fruit for a delicious fruit smoothie.

Is it a 3-in-1 powder?
Not exactly a 3-in-1. Bondi Chai is a cafe chai latte pre-mix powder, preferable adding to milk (iced/

Can Bondi Chai be used in food or dessert recipes?
Bondi Chai is versatile, It can be used in a variety of beverage, dessert and food recipes. The
powder or the concentrate which is made with water can be used in many exciting and tasty
recipes. Refer to our recipe page or recipe e-book!

Does it contain dairy?
Yes – Bondi Chai is made with skim milk powder and whey powder both of which are dairy
products. Many people who prefer the taste, make Bondi Chai on soy, almond, coconut or rice

Is it an Australian product?
Absolutely! Bondi Chai is a genuinely all-Australian product: made in Australia; using virtually all
Australian ingredients; to an Australian-developed recipe.

How much sugar is in it?
No more than a typical ‘white with one’ cup of tea or coffee. Chai is traditionally a sweet drink, but
by using Australian honey as a sweetener we have been able to significantly reduce the traditional
sugar content to just 5g per serve (one teaspoon).

Does it have caffeine in it?
Yes – a small amount, about the same as green tea, which is half that of a brewed black tea. So if
you’re looking for a caffeine hit – sorry, but you won’t get it from Bondi Chai (unless you put a shot
of espresso in it to make a “Dirty Chai”!)

Is it organic?
No. Bondi Chai is made from only premium quality ingredients which are as ‘natural’ as possible,
but some of the spices cannot be obtained from organic sources.

Is it Gluten Free?
Yes. Bondi Chai is certified Gluten Free in Australia.

Is it low fat?
Yes! Bondi Chai is 98% fat free when made with skim milk.

Does it have coffee in it?
No – it looks very like a café latte, but it is a tea-based drink (but see note above re: “Dirty Chai”)

How many drinks in a bag?
Our 200g packs make 20 x 200ml drinks. Foodservice bags are 1kg and make up 100 drinks..
Depending on cup size and flavour intensity, some customers may prefer a stronger taste.

Where is it made?
It is manufactured in Queensland, Australia.

Where is it sold?
Bondi Chai is sold around 3000 cafes and discerning retailers in Australia and in a number of
countries overseas especially in Europe & Asia.

Is it Halal certified in Singapore?
No. However, it is considered a low-risk product. Many Halal cafes/restaurants submit a halal
questionnaire to include Bondi Chai into their halal audit.  For further information, please contact us.

Whom to contact regarding feedback, sales enquiry, wholesale or marketing collaborations enquiries in Singapore?
Viegreen Trading Pte Ltd is the Singapore distributor/representative for Bondi Chai Australia. Just send an email to enquiries@bondichai.com.sg or just send contact form via this website.